How to Attract Non-Gambling Customers to a Casino


A Casino’s advantage is a built-in statistical advantage. It is as little as two percent, but millions of bets generate enough money for the casino to break even. High rollers also get lots of perks, like free luxury suites and comps. These benefits are known as “rake” or “vig” and depend on the casino’s payouts and the amount of money a player stakes. The advantage is a big reason why casinos tend to attract high rollers.

A casino’s marketing efforts must appeal to non-gambling customers. This is because most patrons don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on their first visit. They may get hungry, get thirsty, or invite family members to watch a show. Casino marketers understand that non-gaming attractions are crucial to retaining high rollers. Here are some general casino marketing techniques:

The best casino marketing efforts include a large number of testimonials from satisfied customers. Testimonials can motivate high-end clients to keep playing. A winning testimonial enables a customer to see themselves as a winner. The most powerful motivation is the thought that “I could win, too.”

One of the best ways to relax is to play games. This could be indoor or outdoor games. Games like poker or blackjack can be addictive. Even though they carry a risk of loss and gain, they don’t force you to quit. In addition, casino gaming has its own unique appeal. If you are looking for a place to get away from it all, a casino is a great place to enjoy the thrills of the casino. But be aware that there are risks involved.