Types of laser hair removal: which one to choose?

It’s okay. No one is happy about the end of summer. That’s clear. But the good thing about autumn is beginning is that if you were thinking of getting laser hair removal, this is the time, friend!

And since you have to do several sessions, mid-September and October is the best time to start and say goodbye to those little hairs, if you want of course. But… which laser hair removal should you choose?

Do not panic! If you don’t know what types of laser hair removal there are, or which is the best for your skin and hair type, take a pen and paper and note that we tell you everything, everything, everything.

IPL hair removal

IPL photo epilation is the perfect option for all types of hair: brown, blonde or even white. This depilation sweeps over the entire area to be waxed and removes all hair. But unlike other types of lasers, it is less effective. That is, you will need more sessions. But of course, not everyone has light skin and dark hair.

Diode laser

This type of laser, like the soprano laser, burns hair by hair, in the area to be shaved and is more effective. But that means it is also a bit more painful. As for the sessions you will need, it depends on your skin type, but for example this laser is more effective with dark skin. More or less with about 9 sessions you will have already eliminated 90% of your hair. And welcome silky smooth skin!

Alexandrite laser

Like the diode, it is a laser that consists of a pulsed light that goes hair by hair. Basically, the melanin in our hair absorbs light and it burns to the root, also burning the hair bulb so that it does not grow back. Come on, that is a unique hair in full rule. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that this laser is the best option when your skin is light and your hair is dark. In fact, the less tanned your skin is, the more effective this type of hair removal will be.

Soprano laser

The difference of this type of hair removal with the diode or alexandrite laser is that with the soprano a pass is made over the area to be removed and repetitive shots of light are released to burn the hairs. It does not go hair by hair, so that you understand it well. That is why it is less effective, that is, you will need more sessions. But the good thing is that it hardly hurts, it is one of the most painless! And you can also use it on brown or tanned skin.

So if your pain threshold is very low, without a doubt this is your laser friend.

So which one should you choose?

To choose the best laser hair removal for you, you have to take into account a number of things. First, the color of your hair: it is not the same if your hair is very dark or if you have it blonde. Also the area that you are going to wax: there are areas that are usually more sensitive than others. And if you see that it is going to hurt a lot, you can always choose a softer type of laser, such as the soprano. And the color of your skin: if you want to do as few sessions as possible and be able to show off a soft, smooth skin next summer then you have to take into account which is the most effective laser for you.

But as we always say, to taste the colors! And if you still have doubts, you can always check with the beauty salon to see what the experts think about which one is the best for you, et voilà! Waxing is over… Forever!

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