Mushroom Identification – Is It Easy To Identify Mushrooms In The Wild?

Mushroom identification is a hobby, and foragers worldwide head out into the woods, fields and prairies looking for wild mushrooms as a hobby. Now although, finding mushrooms and fungi is actually quite easy, as they are every where, actually identifying them can be very difficulty. You need to know what you are doing!

When heading out foraging and looking for wild mushrooms the first thing you should always consider first is to work alongside an expert. Wild mushrooms and fungi can be very poisonous if you don’t know what you are doing and on frequent occasions foragers head out, bring home wild mushrooms to cook and eat, and end up ill, sometimes seriously.

So, consulting an expert is the first thing to do!

The other obstacle to mushroom identification in the wild is also the fact now many different species are propping up all over the place. wavy z mushrooms Spores are carried by wind, bugs and insects and also water, meaning plenty of species and new species of mushrooms are created.

Although this makes the foraging challenging, it can also make identification of mushrooms for fun and as a hobby a great way to test and challenge yourself.

When it comes to identifying different mushrooms, the spore colour is a crucial piece of information, and sometimes you can sit down next to a mushroom, look at the spore and immediately recognize the species and type of mushroom it is.

You can usually knock off the cap and take it home to spore print which is also fun to do especially when you think you have found a different species. However, sometimes the spore printing doesn’t work as well as it should and can be very disappointing once you have it home.

All in all, mushroom identification is fun and as a hobby, something for all adults. However, having an expert on hand is important and you should also never consume or eat any wild mushrooms.

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