How to Hire a Good US Immigration Lawyer?

Securing immigration in the US or getting green card in the US is one of the most challenging situations an individual encounters in his life. Like hiring other services, this too needs preparation, background checking, reality assessment and clarity to take an informed decision.

However, simply taking an informed decision won’t get you anywhere. It is important to execute it in the most meticulous and precise manner that you can. That’s where the need to hire the best immigration lawyers in the US and that too near your area arises.

Below is a list of the simple steps to assist you in the journey of hiring the best immigration lawyers for the purposes of getting green card or securing immigration in the US.

Step 1
Go through the list
There are some good online websites that offer list of immigration lawyers for free. You can scout through the list of immigration lawyers from a good website offering immigration lawyer services.

Step 2
Go for credibility not for money
Like any other services, often you get what you pay for – beware of cheap rip offs. immigration lawyer free consultation This does not mean that all immigration lawyers offering competitive rates are rip offs – you just need to ensure the source you select the lawyer from is credible enough.

Step 3
First impressions are not always the last impressions
Once you set up an appointment with the lawyer, make sure that do not get dazzled in the first meeting itself, since first meetings can be misleading especially if it involves a matter of grave concern – citizenship in the US.

Step 4
Background check
When making a background check of the lawyer, ensure that he has had experience working on a variety of immigration cases and not simply deportation law cases. This ensures that the lawyer is experienced and skilled enough to handle any issues that may come up during the immigration process.

Step 5
Ask for previous clients for feedback before committing
It is important to check and recheck the background of the lawyer you have finalized. Always ask the lawyer for a list of their previous cases. Never hesitate to check with previous clients and take their feedback. This will help you to form a better decision. Make sure the list of satisfactory cases you get are of immigration cases like yours or like the one you’re going to file, if not the same.

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