10 Important Things Learnt Through Horse-Riding

I’m lucky enough to have been riding horses pretty much most of my life, since I was nine years old. I learnt to ride on a little Welsh Section A pony who was nothing short of a local legend. He was one of those ponies that was rather intelligent, always thinking up the next avoidance tactic and very willful. I loved him. He seemed to relish in demonstrating this through comic timing of his extremely well executed, rather hard to sit to bucks! There are many people in the North Kent area who can claim to have stickability taught the hard way by Silver. I have long held that I’ve learned an awful lot from horses and encourage everyone to give it a go. Not only is it an ancient art and a lot of fun but it really can teach you how to handle many obstacles in life. Through all the different experiences I’ve had I can wholeheartedly say I have learnt the most life lessons from horse-riding and I’ll try and share them here.


Do not be defeated. This is probably the most obvious takeaway from horse riding, but it really is true. I have never met a horse-rider that was a defeatist. beginner horse riding lessons You’ll never learn to ride if you don’t keep trying. We horse-riders make it look a lot easier than it is, as horses really do have a well developed sense of humour and test each rider. When the ultimate happens and you fall off, you need to keep getting back on and as they say… you have only got to get back on one more time than you fall off to win. This attitude is essential in life, we must keep trying, we all fail and feel like we have taken a fall at some point, but you need to keep trying and personally I would rather try and fail than not try at all.


One of the most important aspects of horse-riding is learning how to fall. This is something that is difficult to teach and more develops by instinct, it is something that comes with time and something that is essential to learn your own safety. I was super lucky growing up riding my little legendary buckaroo because he taught me the best instincts I could ever want. And with those instincts I’ve never been afraid to fall and therefore never been afraid to ride. I think this translates perfectly into life and then into business – don’t be afraid to take the ride! Give it a go and don’t be afraid of the fall or to fail, just work out the best way to handle it when it happens. There is always the potential for a fall, I find it is usually right around when you get over confident, when things are going great!


One thing that is for sure other than the fact you will fall off is that you absolutely never know it all. There is always something else to learn. In my case – a lot left to learn and I can often sit on a horse with the absolute surety that the horse knows a hell of a lot more than I do! In life, I always want to feel like I am learning something as I feel like there is not enough time to do everything and I need to pick the next thing to learn wisely! In running a business I find there is an indescribable amount of peripheral learning to do, completely aside from the actual business, there are so many aspects to so many things. It great but I now prioritise my learning wisely!

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